Scam Alert

It has come to our notice that recently fraudsters have used our brand name and logo and the names of our employees to scam people around the world across different social media platforms and through email and phone calls.

We at Digihubzone strictly follow and practice professional norms and follow ethical and legal business procedures. We do not tolerate these unlawful fraud activities.

Our digital marketing agency takes a proactive approach to protect you, our brand, employees and clients against such scammers.

How to spot a Scammer:

Being able to identify these typical indicators of a scammer might assist you in evading such situations. Always bear in mind that individuals engaged in frauds and scams tend to exhibit these behaviors:-

Some helpful points to remember:

Exercise caution when encountering phone calls, text messages, social media communications or emails that imitate Digihubzone and its staff. Remember that we connect with our clients only through our official channels.

Our Official Channels are as follows:

What to do if some one tries to scam you :

You should report the scam to us.Your report could help Digihubzone stop the scammers. If you received suspicious emails, texts or phone calls from someone pretending to be a part of our organization, please email us. We will make sure to track down and take appropriate action against scammers to protect our clients against such scams.

Other measures to protect yourself: